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Powdertech Powerblast

A process to roughen the surface of mild steel prior to powder coating or galvanizing using a range of abrasive media. Powerblast uses steel grit to achieve a surface profile of SA 2½ on steel substrates, ISO 14920 and ISO 14921.

  • Grit blasting , zinc powder priming and top coat all controlled by Powdertech
  • Enables fabrication without traditional drainage holes required by hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Increases adhesion of powder primers and colour coats
  • Increases design possibilities for complex fabrications
  • Reduces some surface defects in base material
  • Cleans rusty or pre-painted material to reveal ‘new’ base metal
  • Used before galvanizing to increase the thickness of zinc.


External: In conjunction with epoxy zinc primer powders for general un-galvanized architectural steelwork.

Internal: Removal of mill scale from hot rolled steel. Increasing of adhesion.


Blast clean, epoxy zinc primer and polyester top coat will achieve

Internal and rural (C2)areas

15 years

Urban and light industrial(C3)

12 years

Industrial and moderate coastal environments (C4)

9 years


Grit blast and primer systems are not a substitute for aluminium (ISO 12206) and galvanized systems (ISO 13438) where extended warranties are required.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Certification and Testing

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