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Powdertech Wood Finish - PWF

Powdertech Wood Finish offers warmth texture and superior performance finishes for metallic substrates to rival the use of hard wood. It can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized steel, cast metals and stainless steel.  Over three years in development by Powdertech, it was launched in 2000.

Hardwood is scarce, costly and difficult to recycle and replace whereas metals, especially aluminium, can be recycled many times.  The structural properties of metal and the aesthetics of PWF combine to replace components that would have been made in wood.

PWF matches natural wood with variation in colour, grain density and grain pattern to replicate the variation that would be expected in wood. As with real wood there is no repeat of the pattern and no two pieces will ever be the same.

Range of 35 colours

Smooth matt or satin finish

Applied thickness  of minimum 40 microns

  • Offers warmth and texture for metallic substrates
  • Tough coating with good abrasion resistance – outperforms laminate technology
  • Proven over 12 years and tested in Florida
  • Good weather resistance and colour stability
  • Flexible coating - aluminium coated with PWF can be post-formed, cut and fabricated.
  • Low maintenance, unlike wood



External: Solar shading, curtain wall, door furniture, sign systems, handrail and balustrade

Internal: Retail display, home and office furnishings, handrail, balustrade and lighting.


System Life expectancy

15 years

Slight reduction in colour after


Warranty on adhesion

15 years

Warranty on gloss

12 years


Colours and Finishes


Cleaning and Maintenance

Certification and Testing

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