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Sustainable process and business

We are proud of our commitment to protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future.

Powdertech Environmental Policy

An Environmentally Friendly Process

Powder coating fulfils many "green" credentials, most especially when compared to alternative coating methods such as wet spray painting.

Powder Coating versus Wet Spray Painting

Powdertech Wood Finish: A Coating to Protect Hardwood Resources

Up to 80% of logging in Brazil is illegal and over 1 million tonnes of wood enters landfill every year. PWF, combined with sustainable aluminium gives PWF unrivaled environmental credentials.

 Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF)

Aluminium Sustainability

  • Since commercial discovery in 1880, 75% of aluminium is still in use today.
  • Recycling of aluminium is not affected by powder coating.

Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB)

Aluminium Federation (ALFED)

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