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What is the maximum size of component Powdertech can powder coat?

You can check our plant size by going to "Why choose Powdertech", alternatively download our capabilities data sheet. We can process items from as small as a washer to 6500mm long, 2100mm tall and 500mm wide. If you think that your items are close to these measurements please call us on 01536 400890 and we can advise you

What is passivation on galvanized steel?

To reduce wet storage stain, a white dusty deposit, on galvanized steel, the final stage in galvanizing is to quench the material in a bath of water that contains a very weak chrome solution. This forms a passivation layer on the surface of the zinc, sealing it against corrosion. The passivation layer must be removed before powder coating to eliminate adhesion failure. If material is to be powder coated after galvanizing the galvanizer must be informed. Relevant standards are ISO1461, galvanizing and ISO13438, powder coating on galvanized steel.

What guarantees are there?

As a Syntha Pulvin approved applicator Powdertech can offer guarantees on aluminium and galvanized steel of up to 40-years. There are limitations to guarantees dependant on the type of powder used, the conditions of service and maintenance records.
A guarantee can only be issued if we are consulted on the design, installed location, powder type and other relevant details prior to your order. This is a simple process requiring the completion of a short questionnaire. A decision is usually made in a few days.

I want a special colour.

Between RAL and BS ranges there are over 300 colours. Each colour usually has 3 gloss levels; matt, satin and full gloss. If you can’t find the colour you want from there, then most manufacturers have special (house) colours and special finishes such as levels of texture, metallic, hammer finishes and feel.
Powdertech have close contacts with all the major powder manufacturers and source from all over the world, so if you can’t find what you want then mail or call us on 01536 400890.  We can have special colours made to your specification at a slight additional charge.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms are designed to be simple and based on real experience. We do not have loads of small print! Call us on 01536 400890 and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

Do you have a summer shut down?


I have been told that powder coating on galvanized steel gives a very poor finish. What do Powdertech do that is different?

We often hear stories of poor experience with the painting of galvanized steel and how it has put them off. Powdertech specialise in the powder coating of galvanized steel and this is probably the biggest factor in producing a good finish. There are also many technical factors that affect the finish some of which can be found on the Technical Support pages.

Can powder coating be repaired?

Repair is simple and quick.
You can see our full range of options from a “nail varnish” type pen to a full site repair kits at the repair and remedial painting page of this web site.

Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Powder coating uses no solvents or volatile compounds in application. The yield of powder is almost 100% - almost all of the powder purchased can be used to paint product because of the reclaim systems available. Compared to wet systems where up to 85% of the “paint” is actually wasted or solvent carriers then powder coating is environmentally superior.
The increasing use of low bake and thin film technology is further increasing the efficiency of the powder coating process.
Powder coating does not affect the recyclability of the material onto which it is applied. Modern non-chrome pre-treatment technology is making powder the preferred painting system by many automotive and appliance manufacturers to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

What is a duplex system?

Duplex systems are ones where the finish and protection is achieved by the application of two (duplex) layers. Powergalv is a duplex system, the first layer is zinc and the second is polyester powder.