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Fire Resistance


BS 476-6:1989, amended May 2009. Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method of test for fire propagation for products

BS 476-7:1987.  Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method for classification of the surface spread of flame of products

BS 6853: 1999. Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains

London Underground Engineering Standard 2-01001-002. Fire Safety Performance of materials.

Polyester powder coating: aluminium and galvanized steel.

BS476 Part 6 Fire Propagation Class 0

BS476 Part 7 Surface Spread of Flames Class 1

BS 6853:1999 .Smoke Emission.  Pass

BS 6853: 1999.  Toxic Fume Emission. Pass

Powdertech thermoplastic.

Combustibility & Flammability

BS476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0

Smoke & Toxic Fume Emission

BS 6853:1999 D.8.4. Pass


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