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Anti Graffiti Coating

Anti graffiti (AG) coatings are formulated to provide a surface finish resistant to chemicals and solvents enabling easy removal of inks, paints, aerosols, marker pen and stains.

Powdertech applied AG coatings are approved for use on rail carriage and station furniture, Underground, public transport, shopping centres etc.

Graffiti resistance: Tested to RSE/STD/012 clause 5.2.6. Pass L.U.L test standard using L.U.L approved cleaners.

AG coatings are compliant with smoke emission, toxic fume emission, flame spread and heat release requirements with reference to:

Smoke emission: BS6853:5.2

Toxic fume emission: L.U.L standard 2-01001-002.

Flame spread: BS476 Part 7. Class 1 pass.

Heat release: BS476 Part 6. Pass.

Compliance is for indication purposes only.





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