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Repair & Remedial Painting


Wherever possible powder coated items that have been damaged should be reprocessed by Powdertech.

  • Powdertech have in-house paint stripping facilities.
  • The 5-stage chemical process removes the powder finish and pre-treatment, leaving the surface in nearly original condition.
  • Reprocessing follows the full original specification.


On-site damage should be repaired using a remedial liquid paint system. These are general purpose air drying paints for the repair of small areas of damage. They are not designed to overcoat defective factory applied coatings.

Available from Powdertech:

  • 70 ml ‘nail varnish’ pots in pre-mixed colour
  • 50 ml 'sticks' clear resin & colour powder
  • 400ml pre-mixed aerosols
  • Pre-mixed liquid cans
  • All kits are ‘site ready’ application instructions, COSHH and Health & Safety data sheets.

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For more information on application see: Technical Data Sheet, Remedial Painting of Powder Coated Metalwork

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