Our Process

Different metal substrates require different different treatments prior to the final finish. Click on your substrate to see the process stages. Scroll down and to the right to read more about the stages.


The most important stage in powder coating. No matter how high the quality of the final powder coating, it will not produce a long-lasting high-performance barrier on the metal surface unless that surface is thoroughly cleaned, and etched. Our pre-treatment system has been chrome-free since January 2017.


Correct jigging makes sure that the coating powder covers all surfaces evenly and to the correct thickness, avoiding marks and bare areas.

Powder application

Powder is sprayed onto the prepared metal surface using a “gun”. The material is earthed through metal jigs, the powder particles are positively charged as they pass through the gun. The opposite charges attract each other and the powder sticks to the metal in an even layer.


The coated metal is transferred to a large oven and heated to approximately 200 degrees C and held there for 20 minutes. This causes the resins and pigments in the powder to flow and “cross link”, transforming the powder into a smooth surface. A temperature recorder monitors the work in the oven and thermal characteristics are computer analysed.


When the metal has cooled, the finished article is checked three times to make sure the process has been successful. The gloss of the surface is measured. The thickness of the paint film is measured and the whole surface is visually checked. Test panels of similar material are more extensively tested once per day to international standards.

Packing & Dispatch

Methods vary depending on customer requirements. Generally a combination of card and bubble plastic is used to make sure all material is kept separated and arrives at the customer in the same condition that it left Powdertech. Dispatch labels record the customer name and a traceable number from which all the details of the contract can be recalled.

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