Project Overview

Architects and planners are recognising that developments alongside the river Thames in London should celebrate the river and create a sense of riverside community. Imaginative, ambitious projects are emerging, of which Enderby Wharf is one. This mixed-use development includes 1000 homes, offices, retail units and a nursery.

The development was carefully designed to respond to its context, reflecting the site's maritime past. The buildings have been designed with a ripple effect that mirrors the Thames, and are arranged at angles to allow light to penetrate the landscaped gardens and walkways.

Identitying through colour

Powdertech was commissioned to coat over 4500 linear metres of galvanised steel balcony supports and glass balustrade support for the residential apartments.  Five different powder colours were used, all made to order by AkzoNobel, conforming to NCS notations*

Urban and rural sites have their own intrinsic colour palette. In the past, choice of colour on buildings has tended to be arbitrary but comprehensive colour studies at new build sites are fast becoming a necessity. By utilising the unique palette, new developments can be designed to strongly identify with their location. Powdertech used AkzoNobel powders in precise NCS shades of blue/green, orange and yellow, matching the colours chosen for the different buildings.

* The Natural Colour System is a measurement of the colours we see around us and is best described as a reference system with the ability to pinpoint a precise colour. The NCS works by describing every colour in relation to four elementary colours, red, green, blue, yellow and the percentage of black or white. Every colour has a hue, describing its relationship between two of the elementary colours, and a nuance which is made up of the degree of blackness, whiteness and chromaticness (colour intensity) within the colour.

Benefits of using Powdertech

  • Powdertech is passionately interested in the development of powder coatings to reproduce tones and textures and in the effect of colour within architectural design.
  • Powdertech has close relationships with the leading powder manufacturers who specialise in custom shades.
  • Powdertech has over 30-years’ experience in professional architectural powder coating.
  • All powders used have excellent weather resistance and colour stability.
  • Powdertech's rigorous chrome free pre-treatment system will help to keep the balustrade and balconies free from corrosion for up to 40-years.


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