Balustrades for Cornbrook Hub Manchester

The project

We have recently completed work galvanising, fettling and powder coating over two thousand steel balustrades, each around 1m in length, for an impressive development situated on the edge of Manchester. This is Cornbrook Hub, a residential block of 280 apartments occupying a site in the regenerated historic industrial area, close to train and tram-lines and the River Irwell.

The flat bar balustrades appear on all floor and all sides of the building, placed on the concrete slab floors of the building which are exposed to form continuous balconies around the building.

This project benefitted from onsite visits by ourselves, the developer and Delta Balustrades. We coated sample balustrades spanning a quarter of one floor. These were installed and then discussed on site. We always find that proactive collaboration benefits a project enormously.

We galvanised, fettled and pre-treated 2,600 linear metres of steel and powder coated in matt black RAL9005. Black was chosen as making a statement contrast against the grey façades which are alternating solid and transparent sections, in order to increase natural light, create a sense of privacy and provide views from all units.

Benefits of using Powdertech

  • Powdertech can carry out galvanising and fettling as well as pre-treatment and powder coating
  • Powdertech has over 35-years’ experience in professional architectural powder coating.
  • All powder coatings used conform to Fire Reaction rating A1,s2-d0
  • All powders used have excellent weather resistance and colour stability.
  • Powdertech's rigorous chrome free pre-treatment system will help to keep the balustrade and balconies free from corrosion for up to 40-years.

Client: Delta Balustrades   Architect: Sheppard Robson

Some images courtesy of Delta Balustrades. 


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