Wood Finish column casings, London Road Retail Park, Biggleswade

Project Overview:

The £110 M London Road Retail Park, alongside the A1 at Biggleswade, has been carefully designed to be a pleasant shopping experience. Shops are designed individually and with distinct styles. Landscaping of the site includes an avenue of trees. The new complex covers 300,000 square feet and hosts top quality retail brands Boots, M&S, Next, TK Maxx and Halfords, as well as restaurants and coffee bars.

The Halfords store has an attractive shop front canopy supported by columnar posts. Metal or painted posts would not suit the overall look of the shopping park and wooden posts would be costly and require frequent maintenance.  

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The Solution:                                                                                                     

Rather than use wooden posts, aluminium column casings were produced to enclose strong steel canopy supports and Powdertech coated these casings in Powdertech Wood Finish. PWF replicates the appearance of wood with variation in colour, grain density and grain pattern.  Each casing is made up of two curved sections and two infill strips. When the sections are fitted around the post it gives a tongue and groove effect which further resembles the look of a wooden post. Powdertech coated 22 casings up to 8 metres high made from 78 semi-circular sections

By using PWF, designers can combine the look of wood with the strength and practicality of metal. Expensive timber need not be used, an environmentally sound decision. Instead highly abundant and recyclable aluminium becomes very suitable. Powder coating is an   environmentally responsible process, containing no VOCs or solvents and the coating is applied in a controlled factory setting. The high performance finish contributes to the durability of the metal and preserves its appearance for many years.

Benefits of PWF:

  • PWF combines the look of wood with  the strength and performance of aluminium
  • Flexible coating - aluminium coated with PWF can be post-formed, cut and fabricated.
  • Designs can be exciting and aesthetically appealing.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • Good weather resistance and colour stability
  • Available in over 35 shades in smooth or textured finish.
  • Low maintenance - No painting, varnishing, rotting or mildew and aluminium does not warp.



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