Thousands of Powdertech coated panels installed at the Riyadh Metro


Riyadh’s new six-line metro, the world’s biggest urban rail project outside China, is one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious projects with leading architects including Zaha Hadid Architects commissioned to design the major stations. The infrastructure is set to make an incredible impression with sweeping canopies, light-reflecting curves, and arches of gleaming metal work.

The Riyadh Metro, costing around £14.7 billion  is expected to open in the second half of 2020 and will carry 1.16 million passengers a day in the initial phase of operation, with capacity to carry 3.6 million passengers as usage grows. 

Powdertech Operational Expertise

Powdertech is coating over 13000 panels of perforated aluminium, weighing 146 tonnes and 14,600 individually machined unique fixing brackets, all manufactured by EDM Spanwall. Each triangular perforated panel forms part of an arc and is secured by brackets at its corners, all of which are on a slightly different angle, due to the curved design. All the panels and brackets are marked with unique codes so that the appropriately angled brackets hold the panel and the panel goes into the right position on the façade. A Qualicoat Class 2 Axalta powder, RAL9006 is the chosen shade for the panelling.

The work demands a high degree of operational logistics, dealing with numerous parts and collating them correctly. Weekly batches of triangular panels and brackets are dispatched to Riyadh, all parts clearly identified, coated and delivered in sequence.”

Benefits of using Powdertech

  • Powdertech has over 30 years’ experience in professional architectural powder coating.
  • The logistics of the process are well managed, ensuring that parts are clearly identified and coated in sequence.
  • Powdertech’s flexible plant can coat a wide variety of shapes and sizes of architectural metal work and fabrications.
  • Powdertech's rigorous pre-treatment system will help to keep the panelling free from corrosion for up to 40-years.

Architectural image: Courtesy of Bechtel

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