Stone finish façade, Cromer, Norfolk

Q. Stone or powder coating?  - A.  Powdertech 'Sandstone' powder coating on the guttering, fascia, soffit above the large bay windows and fascia panels above and below the bay windows. 

Project Overview:

Reducing the visual impact of guttering systems on the design of buildings is always a challenge for designers and architects. One solution is to use these systems as an architectural feature in themselves. The Justice Court collection of retirement homes in Cromer is one such case. These beautiful red brick and stone buildings have an aluminium guttering system combining the gutter, fascia and eves functions together with fascia panels above and below the large bay windows. The design intention was that these aluminium elements should resemble the feature stone band running across the building and to become a design statement in their own right.  A close match to the shade and texture of the stone was required, and a consistency of colour throughout to emphasise the clean lines of the guttering & fascia system.

The Solution

Powdertech Corby's  Landscape range is a collection of high performance polyester powder coatings with shades and textures reflecting those found in our natural surroundings. Powdertech worked with their client to find a close match to the stone on the building. The amount of material to be coated required two batches so it was essential to have absolute colour consistency between batches. The total area coated was approximately 250m2.

On the finished building the guttering, soffit and fascia look as though they are made of stone, providing a most pleasing effect. At Powdertech we were delighted to demonstrate our expertise for colour and texture matching. The final result vindicates our passion for this aspect of our work.


  • The Landscape collection of powder coatings bring the warmth and texture of natural elements to the technical benefits of an architectural systems.
  • There are currently eight Landscape ranges with over 40 shades.  Customised shades can also be made. Landscape provides an ideal solution where the design calls for a highly specific colour tone to blend or complement natural surroundings.



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