Project Overview 

An expanded aluminium mesh external MSCP shading and screening system was used on the Kia car dealership premises in Chiswick, West London. The façade screen is a stylish way to keep the lines and aesthetics of a building interesting, contemporary and smart.

The Solution                                                                           

Powder coating is an excellent finish for expanded aluminium, and Powdertech offers guarantees of up to forty years for the powders it applies. This car dealership is situated on a busy London fly-over, close to the river Thames and subject to heavy traffic pollution. The client chose a metallic silver, RAL 9006, Qualicoat class 1 which was applied in accordance with ISO 12206, marine specifications for pre-treatment and coating thickness. The coating closely matches the freshness of mill finish aluminium and maintains the look with the added benefit of preventing corrosion. A further benefit is that the colour is consistent both within and between panels. Powdertech coated 130 curved and welded panels, a total of 700sq metres of expanded mesh.


  • Fast turnaround.
  • Consistent colour shade between batches
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sections can be drilled or cut without fracturing the coating.
  • Material can be welded without affecting the finish.

See the polyester powder coating data sheet here.

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