A large bank, situated on the seafront on Guernsey presented us with two powder coating challenges. The building façade had faced harsh environmental conditions of salt water sea-spray, sand particles and wind for many years and was looking worn and shabby. The client wanted the entire facade removed in multiple phases, refurbished and coated with a finish that could withstand harsh marine conditions.

An exercise in logistics

In order to replace each finished section of the façade in the correct place once re-coated, every section needed to be uniquely identified. Sets of façade could then be re-fitted across the building. After taking delivery of the old material, our first task was to permanently engrave an identification code on an unseen area of each piece.

Stripping and cleaning for re-use

Paint, sealant, corrosion and even trapped sea water were removed from the aluminium mullion cappings, brise soleil and support arms using a combination of shot blasting, bead blasting and chemical stripping techniques. Rigorous chemical pre-treatment of the resulting bare aluminium followed as this ensures that all faces of the material have a first layer of protection. Chemical pre-treatment is essential; the longevity and performance of the powder coating layer relies directly upon the integrity of the metal preparation.

High performance coating for marine conditions

To maximise abrasion resistance from wind-born sand, high salinity and salt deposits present in coastal conditions, the latest waterproof primers were used in combination with high-quality polyester powder coating layer, AkzoNobel BS 10 A 01 30% gloss.  In all, a total film thickness in excess of 160 microns was applied to the façade sections.

The unique identification of each component meant that the material could be pre-packed by Powdertech into kits, sent back and re-installed into the original position on the building.



















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