Terracotta façade, Streatham, London

Project Overview

Mount Earl Gardens is a new residential development in Streatham, South London, built on a site formerly occupied by old garages. Modular construction has been used to create a building of one, two and three storeys, creating as little impact as possible on the views from existing houses. Walkways have been designed within the block, with 'modernist' screening which allows light and fresh air into these areas whilst still keeping them safe and secure for residents. The aluminium screening runs along the length of the buildings and is also utilised in sections, including garden division screens, throughout the entire block of thirty-two apartments. To achieve the design vision, the building needed an homogeneous appearance to blend with the external red brick facade.

Off-site build and finish

The client selected the perfect shade from our LandscapeTerrain range of powder coatings - 'Original Terracotta'. All of our architectural powder coating have excellent durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Powder coating as a process brings further benefits, particularly to a modular build. The apartments were entirely built in a factory, leading to a faster installation time, less time spent on site and a 90% reduction in on-site waste. Powder coating is also a factory controlled process, thereby reducing time spent, and waste generated on site, and not dependent on weather conditions as is the case with air drying wet paint.

Powdertech Corby coated nearly 3000 linear metres of aluminium which was fabricated into screens off-site and delivered to site just in time for installation.


  • Powder coating is an offsite process. It is factory controlled leading to improved consistency, less wastage and reduced environmental impact.
  • The powders have excellent weather resistance and colour stability.
  • Powdertech's rigorous pre-treatment system will help to keep the facade elements free from corrosion for up to 40-years.

Powdertech plant and the operational team have the capacity to process large quantities of material within a short time frame, with no compromise on quality.

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