Project Overview

Grand Felda House was completed in August 2016 for September's student intake. More than half of the building was delivered in modular form, which meant that completion was reached almost a year earlier than traditional construction methods would have allowed.  The external facade was applied after the modules were installed and comprises a variety of elements including rain screen cladding, brick-slip panels, infill panels, solar panels, capping, window reveals and sills. Some of the panels project from the building and provide local solar shading as well as an interesting variation to the facade.  As the final touch to create a striking and attractive design, many of the aluminium panels are brightly coloured, set against the dark brick facade.

All About Colour

At Powdertech Corby we are passionate about colour and regard colour sampling and selection as an important part of the service we offer to customers. No less than six different shades of high performance polyester powder were selected for the facade elements coated at our plant, and over 2,500 m2 of aluminium was coated. Work needed to be carried out over a short timescale to fit in with the speed of construction of the partly modular building. The overall effect is bright and cheerful and the coated panels have excellent weathering properties and colour retention.


  • Powdertech has over 30- years’ experience in professional architectural powder coating.
  • The colourful panels will look fresh, bright and cheerful for many years, with excellent weather resistance and colour stability.
  • 8-stage conversion coating pre-treatment will help to keep the facade elements free from corrosion for up to 40-years.
  • Powdertech plant and the operational team have the capacity to process large quantities of material within a short time frame, with no compromise on quality.


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