MSCP facade, York

 Transparent protection 

Location:      Hungate, York

Finish:           Adapta tinted lacquer, DS0033.  

Project Overview

The effects created by perforated metal can be truly stunning as this new development in Hungate, York, illustrates. New buildings within the historic city of York need to complement the architecture around them, and also stand out in their own right with eye-catching design. This multi-storey car park has achieved both those aims by paying careful attention to the building envelope, cleverly using the inherent beauty of natural metal and shading offered by the coating.

Transparent protection  

The car park exterior façade is a combination of perforated and solid aluminium panels. The panels needed to be coated in order to provide protection from corrosion whilst fulfilling the design intent to retain the visibility of the grain in the surface of the aluminium beneath the coating. A transparent polyester coating  (referred to as a lacquer) was the solution. These are available in many shades and provide the same level of protection as opaque architectural powder coatings. To remain in keeping with York, a ‘pale gold’ city,  a bronze coloured lacquer was selected. We coated 684 panels, a total of 1800 square metres of metal.


  • Powdertech has close relationships with the leading powder manufacturers who specialise in custom shades.
  • All powders are of architectural quality and provide excellent weather resistance and colour stability.
  • Powdertech's rigorous pre-treatment system will help to keep the façade free from corrosion for up to 40-years.
  • Powdertech’s flexible plant can coat a wide variety of shapes and sizes of architectural metal work and fabrications.
  • Powdertech has over 30 years’ experience in professional architectural powder coating.


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