Wood Finish for Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago

Project Overview:

The foyer lounge and bar area of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago,  were completely refurbished to accommodate an atrium with a tiered bar area and decorative mullions. Above the bar area the mullions incorporated acoustic material to deaden excess sound. The mullions were a key design feature, partitioning without restricting the open, light space. Extruded aluminium was the best material for fabricating the mullions but the architect also wanted to incorporate the natural tones and texture of wood into the space.

The Solution

Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF) is a cost effective and flexible range of unique wood effect finishes designed by and unique to Powdertech. The finishes bring the warmth and texture of wood to the technical benefits of an aluminium system.

The architect specified a particular colour and Powdertech custom-made a selection of shades and supplied samples; PWF56 Montana Oak was selected.  Over 4400 linear metres of 200mm x 50mm aluminium mullion was  coated in 900mm to 6000mm lengths. 

Powdertech has over 25-years experience in contracts of this nature and won this contract over an American company on flexibility, speed and price. With capacity to coat bulk items and to work 24/7 shifts Powdertech was able to finish and ship the entire job to Chicago in three weeks.


  • A key advantage of PWF is that is forms a tough layer with good abrasion resistance yet thin enough to cause no interference to the clip-together mechanism of panels and components. 
  • The finish can be applied to substrates requiring cutting, bending or drilling, making it suitable for the most complex interior designs.
  • There are over 35 shades of PWF and customised shades can also be made.
  • PWF has an external life expectancy of up to 25-years.


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