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Project Overview:

Satisfying the highest standards of health, safety and durability is a pre-requisite for fixtures within passenger trains.  One specialist engineering company manufactures brackets that are used inside train carriages including brackets used to attach fire extinguishers to the inside of the carriage. The brackets needs to be able to withstand extreme heat if necessary, remaining flexible so that the extinguishers can be lifted out. The coating must also have a high degree of fire resistance.

Another type of bracket made by the company is a steel spring clip that holds flasks of hot coffee to the wall of the train in the buffet cars. These have to withstand frequent use without wearing or tearing. The flasks are constantly being taken out of and put back in to the bracket so the clip also has to grip and hold the flask securely.

The Solution:

Due to its exceptional properties and ability to meet these demands, Powdertech Plascoat (Thermoplastic) finish was selected as the metal coating for both these types of bracket fittings.

Plascoat Systems Limited is the global market leader in thermoplastic powder coatings and Powdertech (Corby) Ltd are approved applicators of the Plascoat range. Aluminium, mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel can all be coated with Powdertech Plascoat.


Powdertech Plascoat is the ideal finish for this purpose, providing:

o   Excellent grip and staying flexible even when extreme heat is applied.

o   Electrical insulation and anti-microbial properties.

o   Very low toxicity and low smoke in the event of a fire.

o   No halogens, plasticisers or volatile organic compounds. 

Technical Details:

Typical cured film thickness of 150-200 microns.

Smooth satin finish, nominal gloss level 70%.

Standard range of 15 colours, all RAL colours on request.

Expected working life of up to 70 years.



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