Looking good after twelve years


Driving through London in June 2020 our Director spotted some Juliet balconies that had been coated by Powdertech in 2008. He decided to have a closer look at them and was pleased to see that the smart finish was the original coating applied in 2008. This was a Syntha Pulvin powder, BS18B25, dark grey matt, 30% gloss.

Criteria for coating longevity


The balustrade and balcony design had not caused any coating issues. There were no sharp edges which might cause localised thinning  of the finish, and the venting and drainage points for both galvanising and powder coating were in the correct positions and of the correct size to ensure that the fabrication sank fully into the chemical pre-treatment tank and zinc bath and drained completely on removal.


The job had consisted of hot-dip galvanized mild steel balustrade and balcony frames and infill decorative panels made from continuously galvanized steel. Although the steel was galvanized, we pre-treated it, as we always do, providing an extra layer of protection should the topcoat become damaged by knocks or scratches. Pre-treatment is the most important stage in powder coating as the longevity and performance of the coating relies directly upon the integrity of the metal preparation.

It was very satisfying to see a prime example of the value of following these guidelines and of applying premium powders.

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