Anomatch feature metalwork, Rathbone Square, London

Feature Metalwork with an Anomatch™ sheen

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Project Overview

Rathbone Square is a new London square, lying just north of Oxford Street, and formerly a post office warehouse occupying 2.3 acres. It has been transformed into a brand new residential and retail area.  It is rare that such large sites become available for re-development in the very centre of London and it was essential that the architecture and design integrated well with the historic surroundings. The development comprises office space, private residential apartments and select cafes, shops and restaurants.

Attractive arched walkways at two corners of the square lead from the central garden to Newman Street and Rathbone Street. The walkways are lined with azure blue ceramic tiles which contrast well with bronze gates and posts at the entrances. The design also features decorative curved “shadow gap” channels between the tiles, deep panels at the foot of the walkways and soffit style panels across the width forming a small ceiling.

The Issue

It was important to ensure colour compatibility with the gates and also between the various extruded, folded, curved and welded aluminium. Anodising cannot achieve consistency across different grades of aluminium, fabrications or different metals.  An excellent visual and functional finish was essential as much of the material is at eye level and below.

The Solution

Powdertech Anomatch™ achieves a similar appearance as anodising, enhancing the metal with a soft sheen.  It provides excellent colour stability and consistency between batches, irrespective of the origin or grade of the substrate metal and negates any differences in base material grain. Metal sections can be drilled or cut post-coating without fracturing the finish. After viewing several sample sections the client selected Anomatch 543, a light bronze shade with a metallic sheen to compliment the entrance gates.

Benefits of using Anomatch™

  • Consistent colour shade between batches
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion.
  • Cost savings as lower grade aluminium can be used, rather than the high grade needed for anodising.
  • Faster turnaround than anodising.
  • Sections can be drilled or cut without fracturing the coating.
  • Steel can be coated with Anomatch™



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