Personalised garden art installation incorporates Evolution finish


A unique piece of artwork instantly personalises a room or garden space becoming a much treasured and valued item. Such items are becoming a popular addition to interior and exterior design. We were contacted by Stark & Greensmith, a leading designer and supplier of architectural screens and decorative metal work for internal and exterior use. The company works with a range of materials, including steel, aluminium, brass, copper, and finishes including powder coating, natural ageing, anodising and PVD.  John Ward at Azara Landscapes designed a panel incorporating three aluminium panels, laser cut to his design,  mounted in a rendered wall. The desired appearance was for the panels to be verdigris (oxidised) copper.

Stark&Greensmiths’ mission is to make items which are beautiful, long lasting, practical and affordable. The company obtained a number of samples from us and suggested to the designer and his client that Evolution “Copper mine” would be a good way of conveying the aesthetic in a cost effective, contemporary and practical way. 

Both John Ward and the client agreed and, to quote Mat Webb-Jenkins at Stark&Greensmith,  “We are all delighted with the result.”

Taking inspiration from natural elements, Evolutionä finishes allow architects and designers to achieve the look they need, together with using the most appropriate and cost effective materials for the job.

Benefits of Evolution™

  • High performance weather resistance
  • A wide range of effects to reflect the patinas that occur naturally on metals
  • Excellent visual and tactile detail
  • Good edge coverage
  • All powders are Qualicoat Class 1
  • Leaves no residue or stain
  • Twenty-five year guarantee

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