SIGNAGE, PWF, Center Parcs

Project Overview

At Center Parcs site near Woburn, over four hundred and fifty galvanized steel posts have been erected for signage. Rather than use wood, Center Parcs reflected the sustainability strategy of its brand by using galvanized steel. As well as reducing the impact of deforestation, steel posts eliminate the ongoing need for wood preservatives and the associated environmental impact of maintenance procedures.

Center Parcs holiday villages are well known for their sympathetic style of building, reflecting the countryside around them. Metal posts sited throughout the park and woodland areas would not be entirely in keeping with this image, looking urban and stark.  The posts needed to blend with the surroundings using a suitable metal finish.

The Solution

Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF) was the ideal choice for the final coating. PWF has variation in colour, grain density and grain pattern to replicate the variation that would be expected in natural wood. Galvanized steel posts with a PWF coating are virtually maintenance free. The metal ensures a structural integrity and the PWF finish has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.  The costs and environmental impact of maintenance procedures are minimal.  

Working together with Wood & Wood International Signs Ltd, Powdertech optimised the design of the steel posts for galvanizing. The posts are 75mm in diameter ranging from 1340mm to 3400mm in length. The apparently simple design of a post required attention to the detail of suspension points and a single drain point for minimal thickening and a smooth finish. The posts were pre-treated and finally coated in PWF Sherwood Oak.


Powdertech wood finish (PWF):

  • Look of wood and the strength of steel
  • Eliminates the need for wood and wood preservatives
  • Maintenance free system lasting in excess of 15-years
  • Environmentally friendly - no VOCs or solvents
  • Available in over 30 different shades
  • Meets the aesthetic needs of Centre Parcs
  • Achieves lowest life-time cost solution


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