MARINE, PWF: Cruise liner

Project Overview:

A total refurbishment of P&O Cruises Australia's cruise ship Pacific Dawn was undertaken by Blu Marine, the component parts being manufactured in the UK.  The theme was teak, with teak pool decking and there were a number of features for which wood would be the ideal construction material from a visual point of view.  These included cappings around the swimming pool edge, feature screens, posts and beams supporting a mezzanine level around the pool area. Conditions on board a ship mean that materials used need to have a high level of corrosion resistance and to be light yet very strong. Of even greater importance, materials used need to have a very low combustion rate in the event of fire. It was clear that wood could not be used structurally.


Powdertech Corby's  Wood Finish (PWF) was the ideal solution. This powder coating can be applied to aluminium (and steel) giving the appearance of wood.  Using PWF meant that aluminium could be used for the cappings, screens, beams and posts, providing a very low combustion risk together with strength and light weight. PWF provides excellent protection against corrosion and Powdertech Corby's nine-stage pre-treatment process means that all surfaces of the metal are protected whether or not they are visible and have a top coating of PWF. Powdertech Corby provided full support with colour selection, providing swatches and test panels. The shade 'French Oak' was selected to match the teak deck and the designers were delighted that PWF satisfied both the visual and safety requirements for the refurbishment.


  • High performance coating against corrosion and abrasion
  • Fire resistance - meets the required standards of BS476 Part 6&7 Fire Propagation Class and BS 6853:1999 Smoke and Toxic Fume Emission.
  • Good colour stability
  • Offers warmth and texture to metallic substrates
  • Flexible coating - PWF coated aluminium can be post-formed, cut and fabricated
  • Low maintenance - PWF only needs regularly washing down with water.
  • Does not warp, rot or mildew

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