At the front of the queue

Project Overview

A wood effect finish was needed for the metal modular panels forming a queuing management system, designed to ease the flow of customers in self-service areas and kiosks. The modular panels are made of aluminium and clip together with no tolerance for the thickness of a laminate, yet they needed to tie-in the wood laminate used elsewhere in the store.

The Solution

PWF matches the appearance of wood/wood laminate. It forms a tough layer with excellent abrasion resistance and thin enough to cause no interference to the clip-together mechanism of the panels. Trials were undertaken with several shades of PWF and the most suitable one was selected. PWF is now being used for the queuing management systems in stores across the country.


  • PWF tied in well with the wood laminate offering warmth and texture to the aluminium panels.
  • This tough yet thin layer did not prevent the panels clipping together.
  • Panels coated in any shade not finally chosen were stripped and re-coated in the chosen shade with no loss of stock.
  • The shade can be easily updated in the future.
  • Damaged panels can be repaired with a quick turnaround.
  • Flexible coating - aluminium coated with PWF can be post-formed, cut and fabricated.

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