Rusty roofing for conservation project in Hertfordshire

Powdertech EvolutionTM  - a perfect complement to a C16th barn

Project Overview

Using materials, shades and textures that work in harmony with rural surroundings is always an important consideration for designers and planners. In Hertfordshire an ancient barn has recently been converted to provide additional accommodation for the nearby house.

The new roof of the C16th barn was constructed with Cadisch Welltec perforated profiled aluminium panels over a waterproof membrane. Visible roof lights on such an ancient barn were not permitted but some light is able to penetrate through unobtrusive roof lights which are entirely covered by the perforated Welltec. The outline of the windows can just be made out in the photograph.

The corrugated effect of the Welltec already lent a rustic charm to the roof and the owners needed a coating for the aluminium that would both protect the roof and also give the appearance of an old building.

The Solution

Taking inspiration from natural elements, EvolutionTM  powder coatings allow architects and designers to achieve the look they need, together with using the most appropriate materials for the job and satisfying planning requirements on a local level.   

The panels and ridge cappings totalling over 200 square metres, were pre-treated in a chrome-free system and powder coated in EvolutionTM  ‘Peat fire’ at Powdertech’s Corby plant, before being delivered to site for installation.  Peat fire is an earthy shade, instantly giving an aged look to the roof. It is a shade that one might expect on a weathered ‘tin roof’ – but in this case the metal stands the Evolution™ system.”  


  • A wide range of effects to reflect the patinas that occur naturally on metals
  • Excellent visual and tactile detail
  • High performance weather resistance
  • Good edge coverage
  • All powders are Qualicoat 1
  • Leaves no residue or stain
  • Twenty-five year guarantee.

This project was also featured in I-build magazine - HERE


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