An existing 14,000 sq ft office in Marshall Street, in the heart of Soho, has undergone a transformation by architects Brimelow McSweeney with a Powdertech Evolution™ finish contributing to the refreshed look. Adjacent to Carnaby Street, the building is right in the midst of the area known as Carnaby, a vibrant shopping and dining district in London’s West End.

Embracing creativity

Promotions by proclaim ‘Carnaby is not a street, it’s a destination. Where the original and the creative thrive.’ The designers of 50, Marshall Street certainly chose an original and creative finish for metal work on the building. Amongst Powdertech’s extensive Evolution™ collection of finishes is ‘Media Storm’, a pale bronze shade with freckles and splashes of a charcoal grey colour and a texture that catches the light and bounces it around to create an ever-changing hue. This works perfectly alongside the red brick and pale stone exterior of the Marshall Street building and amongst the surrounding properties. ‘Media Storm’ has been used to coat vertical aluminium solar screening installed on every window to reduce glare entering the office rooms. Sunlight playing on thesreate screens shows the coating off to full effect. Internal door furniture and brackets were also coated.  Unfortunately photographs and videos do not quite capture the beautiful gleam – you need to be there to see it !

Why Evolution?

  • These are unique, unusual finishes, giving your project immediate interest and expressing your creativity and a desire to ‘be a bit different’.
  • A wide range of effects to reflect the patinas that occur naturally on metals
  • Excellent visual and tactile detail
  • High performance weather resistance
  • Good edge coverage
  • All powders are Qualicoat class 1or 2
  • Up to twenty-five year guarantee.
  • Powdertech’s flexible plant can coat a wide variety of shapes and sizes of architectural metal work and fabrications.


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