Wood finish solar shading for Jaguar Land Rover MSCP, Solihull.

Blending into the countryside with Wood Finish (PWF) 


A new Jaguar Land Rover site at Solihull in the Warwickshire countryside, close to Birmingham Airport with offices, show rooms and car parking, is a large development. The architect’s aim was to create a thoroughly contemporary look, as depicts a high-end vehicle manufacturer, but also to ensure that the structure blended with the surroundings.

Wood finish for aluminium and steel

The project design included a car park solar shading system from Contrasol Ltd. The extruded aluminium profiles form feature solar shading ‘fins’ running vertically on the exterior of the multi-story car park, with galvanized steel plates behind the fins at each floor level to screen car headlights. By using Powdertech’s PWF 020 Wood Finish on the metal the large building could be brought into harmony with its environment, being less visible in the landscape. Unlike wood, PWF will not deteriorate or warp. It is also a benefit for the installer to be working with a homogenous material with good dimensional stability. The colour and gloss retention for Wood Finish is excellent and it will remain looking good for over 25 years with minimal maintenance required.

The project in numbers:

9000 metres of 200 x 50mm extruded aluminium profiles

530 pre-galvanized plates, 1m x 1.5 m

7700 fixing brackets

5780 end caps

Why PWF™?

  • The finish combines the strength and longevity of metal with the warm, natural appeal of wood.
  • Excellent corrosion protection and resistance against abrasion and weather.
  • High level of colour and gloss retention
  • Low maintenance - unlike wood
  • Conforms to Fire Reaction classification A2-s1, d0
  • The PWF range conforms to EN 12206-1 and Qualicoat specifications.
  • Can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized steel, cast metals and stainless steel
  • Powdertech has over 35-years’ experience in professional architectural powder coatings. Colour, tone and texture are our passion and we have the expertise to develop bespoke finishes.

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