Keeping the look but removing the wood


Four residential blocks on Albert Road, North London, have recently undergone renovation, including removal of wooden screen shutters across the frontage of each apartment. The sliding shutters create an attractive appearance as well as performing shade from direct sunlight, but over recent years the wood has warped and deteriorated. Warping meant that the screens no longer travelled smoothly  across the windows, and deterioration was causing the louvres to loosen with the danger that they might fall on people walking below. A refurbishment would also provide the opportunity to refit with materials conforming to current fire safety regulations.

A solution with many benefits

Considering the refurbishment, the developers were keen to retain the screens and felt that the appearance of wood was appealing, giving the apartments something of a continental appeal, albeit in north London. The blocks were developed and are managed by L&Q, a housing association that aims to deliver high quality affordable homes, and in their own words ‘better places to live’. 

The screens could easily be replaced using aluminium for the frame aerofoil blades and the look of wood could just as easily be delivered by using a shade from our Wood Finish (PWF™) range. PWF30, a dark shade, was closest to the original wood. In total Powdertech pre-treated and coated 9500 linear metres of extruded aluminium, each individual foil being 1.22m in length. Using aluminium brings the obvious benefits of  strength combined with lightweight. The screens will not warp and need only minimal maintenance. Our Wood Finish conforms to the required reaction to fire specification for residential buildings of this type, A2-s1, d0, and the metal itself is non-combustible thus solving a number of issues in one, Wood Finish on aluminium is a winning combination.

Why PWF™?

  • The finish combines the strength and longevity of metal with the warm, natural appeal of wood.
  • Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • High level of colour and gloss retention and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low maintenance - unlike wood
  • Conforms to Fire Reaction classification A2-s1, d0
  • Can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized steel, cast metals and stainless steel
  • The PWF range conforms to BS EN 12206-1 and Qualicoat specifications .










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