Going underground

Project overview:

The new Hammersmith & City line station has been built to ease over-crowding. The new station provides space for future growth in passenger numbers, enhanced quality of access, interchange and ambience. An improved pedestrian entrance from the canal towpath to both Paddington mainline station and the new Hammesmith & City line station. The station and platform access required DDA compliant handrail in corporate colours to meet exacting performance specifications.

The solution:

Bespoke handrail was manufactured. Powdertech galvanized the handrail to protect the handrail inside and out from corrosion. To meet DDA requirements for warm to touch finishes Plascoat was applied. The colour was specially maufactured to comply with London Underground specifications.

The benefits:

Powdertech are well positioned to contribute to a project requiring a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach. Undertanding of the DDA requirements and close ties with key suppliers and sub-contract partners give contractors the comfort of knowing that they have access to a comprehensive suport structure.





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