Light fantastic

Project Overview:

5500 "Nodes" cover the outer skin of the hotel.

Each node houses an LED which can be programmed to change colour. The finish chosen was Syntha Pulvin, Synthatec Premium. The colour is RAL 9016 matt white.

Synthatec was chosen because of its proven performance in the demanding middle east environment. Extreme daytime heat and freezing night-time temperatures combined with high UV radiation require a proven finish.

Project Details:

The assembled "Node" is a cylinder 100mm diameter and 400mm long made of 4 machined aluminium components. It is attached to the outer skin of the hotel by a 25mm aluminium rod through which the electrical connections are made.

The base plate, lower body, LED housing and top cap are all fine threaded to ensure a close fit and completely sealed unit. The threads were all masked and the heat sink in the LED housing was masked to ensure a perfect fit. Prior to dispatch the unit was greased and assembled. Each unit was individually wrapped.

The process was our standard 9-stage chromate conversion immersion system, specially jigged to allow free flow of chemicals and thorough washing of the threads.


Powdertech have many years of experience in working with customers to provide a range of services beyond powder coating. The Yas Island Hotel project brought all this experience into play. Working closely with the client and designer the process was agreed and working with sub-contract suppliers made sure that materials were right for the job and that components arrived in time for final assembly at the customer.

  • Design support.
  • In house sub assembly.
  • Project coordination.
  • Logistical support.

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