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Profiled sheet offers endless design possibilities enabling architects and designers to create exceptional buildings. Powder coating with one of Powdertech's unique 'Collections' finishes adds a further distinction to the architecture.

Anthony Millington, Creative Director, Amron, discusses how designers are exploring the possibilities offered by profiled aluminium sheet.

Bringing bespoke creativity to life 

Every building project presents different requirements in terms of construction, sustainability, and design. Architects and Designers are always looking at more inspirational approaches to the interiors and exteriors of a space. The demand for creating more inviting spaces and the inclusion of a variety of different applications can completely transform the character of a room. Amongst these approaches, we are seeing an increase in the use of metal profiled sheet.

By using innovative technology and flexible processes, profiled sheet consists of a variety of different profiles such as sinusoidal, trapezoidal, and zigzag. And equally, a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper – all suitable for bringing bespoke creativity to life for applications including, external and internal cladding, ceilings, roofs, staircases, and balustrades.

Let your ideas run free

With endless design possibilities, using profiled sheet allows you to bring your vision to life.  Everyone has different tastes, which is why profiled sheet offers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. As well as an extensive range of materials, there is also an extensive range of RAL colour options.

Colour is one of the main attractions when it comes to the finishing of a product. If used correctly, it can affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of the occupants, so it is vital that colour is selected carefully to create the right mood for the space intended.

The Ahrenshoop Museum of Art in Germany, designed by Staab Architekten, is a spectacular sculptural project using a metal envelope made from a special copper alloy. The profile structure of the brass cladding that was implemented is a great example of just how unique the cladding profiled sheet can look, especially teamed with the striking Tecu Gold finish. This process allows edges and bends of metal strips to be configured according to the buildings needs, that could not be finished any other way. The architect’s design was inspired by an old photo that was taken in the region, which shows a group of similarly shaped, thatched buildings, the traditional local building style was to be transformed into modern museum architecture.

If you want to bring your creativity to life in the design of your facades without having to compromise dimensional accuracy and product quality, then profiled sheets are the design solution for you.

Design challenges

With 60 basic shapes that can be combined as required, profiled sheet can meet any challenge. Sheets can be produced in lengths or widths of up to 5,500mm and in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5mm. They are available with concealed fixtures and can be produced to meet the specific conditions of the project in question or supplied as complete components.

The Fulmar building on the Greenwich Peninsula has a distinctive form generated by the irregular plot shape, which follows the sweep of one of the primary streets nearby. The building comprises of 139 residential units and over 200 square metres of commercial space, plus private amenity space and public realm, car, and cycle parking. Profiled sheet was specified because of the ability to create a unique façade design and was kept consistent through a shared palette of materials, allowing it to look elegant yet modern.

Feeling Inspired? 

Ideal for challenging projects, due to its decorative virtues and functionality, profiled sheet can be produced in almost any metal and every finish imaginable to allow architects and designers the freedom they need to create.   

Design inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere, so a clearly defined image of what you are looking to achieve is a good place to start before adopting the look. Metal does not just need to be used in its raw form; the ideas are endless!

If you want to bring your bespoke creativity to life in the design of your facades, roofs and walls without having to renounce high dimensional accuracy and product quality, then profiled sheets are the design solution for you.

About the author: Anthony Millington is Creative Director of Amron, a specialist architectural product company, describing itself as ‘All About Metal Mesh’. With an extensive range of products and knowledge to advise architects and interior designers, the Amron ethos is to influence choice, engage and inspire.

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