'Meet the Expert' by Amron Architectural

Much as I prefer not to watch or listen to myself on video, I have to say that Amron Architectural Ltd have produced great videos in their 'MeetTheExpert' series, filmed here at Powdertech Corby. These give you a chance to find out why we need to carry out certain processes, how we do them and the benefits they offer you and your customers. Anthony MIllington, Creative Director at Amron, drills down into the whys and wherefores of powder coating and gets to see many stages up close and in action. 

All available on our video channel HERE 

Meet the Expert: Part 1 What is powder coating?

Meet the Expert: Part 2. Materials and their finishes. 

Meet the Expert: Part 3 Does powder coating impact the environment?

Meet the Expert: Part 4 The future of powder coating

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you like to do?
What would you like to do?