Chrome-free achieves 3000 hours AASS testing

As part of our regular quality control, Powdertech runs monthly external tests on aluminium panels that have been pre-treated and powder coated in our factory under production conditions. The definitive test for corrosion resistance is acetic acid salt spraying (AASS)  - ISO 9227, an accelerated corrosion test for powder coating.

To conform to BS EN12206  and Qualicoat class 1 and 2 powder coating standards, samples are required to pass levels of corrosion and blistering resistance after 1000 hours exposure.

Our multi-stage chrome-free pre-treatment has been running for nearly two years and the effectiveness, consistency and high standard of this method is well-established. Nonetheless, we are committed to rigorous sample testing, so we decided to see just how robust chrome-free is. We subjected our sample panels to 3000 hours exposure to acetic acid salt spray and were very pleased to find that they still exceeded the levels required by the British Standard after this very tough trial. The chrome-free system using titanium zirconium technology performs every bit as well, some would say better, than out-dated hexavalent chrome.

All coatings applied by Powdertech carry up to 40- year colour, gloss and adhesion guarantee.


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