Plus + is a range of additional coatings, techniques, colours etc that don’t fit into a category but may be of interest

PRIMER COATS applied between the substrate and the colour top coat are used to increase the protection of the base material where galvanizing may not be an option or where the environment is particularly harsh.

Zinc rich primers applied after shot blasting provide increased protection for mild steel in moderate (C3) environments where galvanizing is impractical, or a smooth finish combined with external protection is needed.

Special primers for application over aluminium and zinc are also available for harsh or marine environments (C4 or C5) where protection of the metal and longevity is important.


TINTED FINISHES are a popular way to enhance the depth of finish above single layer coatings or even to use them on their own as an alternative to copper, bronze or gold.

Our clean pre-treatment process maintains the original surface of aluminium without staining or discolouration onto which a tinted polyester finish can be applied.

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