High quality architectural polyester powders which cure to form smooth, textured, metallic or pearlescent finishes for aluminium, galvanized steel and mild steel.

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Our powders are manufactured by world-class companies and offer a proven product with technical support.

  • High performance corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • Excellent colour stability and consistency
  • Resistant to UV light, chemicals and pollutants
  • Good edge coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly - no halogens, plasticisers or VOCs.
  • Qualicoat class 1 or class 2 approved
  • Conform to ISO 12206 and ISO 13438 specifications
  • Over 2000 colours available
  • Available in standard matt (30%), satin (60%), gloss (70%), and high gloss (80%). All +/- 5%
  • Film thickness 60-80microns

Typical Applications

External: Curtain wall,rain screen, facade, cladding, capping, solar shading, balustrade, handrails, balconies, signage

Internal: Windows, doors, trims, fittings, lighting, partitioning

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