Thermoplastic powder coatings

Thermoplastic powders provide a smooth tactile finish which is 'warm to touch', offers 'good grip' and resists mould growth. A thick coating of 150-200 microns, it forms an especially smooth closely adhered envelope around the substrate.

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Our thermoplastic powders are manufactured by Plascoat Systems, the world leader in thermoplastic powder technology.

  • Thick flexible coating resistant to chipping
  • Excellent edge protection with no thinning
  • High performance corrosion protection
  • Withstands cold temperatures without cracking or flaking
  • 'Warm-to-touch' with 'good grip' facilities
  • Easy to clean and graffiti can be wiped away with suitable cleaners
  • Resistant to UV light, chemicals and pollutants,
  • Environmentally friendly - no halogens, plasticisers or VOCs.
Thermoplastic powder coatings
Thermoplastic powder coatings

Typical Applications

External: Hand rail and balustrade, stadium seating, playground equipment, fencing, pipe work for oil, gas, water and sewage

Internal: Hand rail and balustrade, appliances, food shelving, wire work, fire extinguishers.

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