PWF™ vs Wood

PWF™ vs Wood


Low maintenance

All that is required is an occasional wash with clean water.

Tough coating with good abrasion resistance

Will not warp, rot or suffer from mildew.

Good for the planet

High sustainability of PWF used in conjunction with aluminium

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It is highly recyclable. 75% of aluminium used today has been recycled. No forests destroyed. Powder coated aluminium can be fully recycled. Cut a piece of wood wrong and you lose a tree. Cut aluminium wrong and you lose a few minutes.

Increased manufacturing efficiency

Fabricating and fitting wood from a factory which also processes aluminium can lead to inefficiencies.

Why hold stock of wood and aluminium when PWF can do the job of wood?  Holding aluminium at the mill condition means it can be converted as late as possible, closer to the point of payment

Good weather resistance and colour stability

PWF has been proven over 18 years and Florida tested for colour stability. The colour is uniform and consistent.

PWF/Aluminium designs can be slimmer and aesthetically appealing.

Aluminium has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood.

Aluminium achieves longer spans leading to fewer fittings and quicker installation.


Hardwood is scarce and difficult to recycle

Sustainability is a key concern for those who work with timber within the construction industry, as recent reports from TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) indicate.

Hardwood is expensive

Timber costs are rising rapidly. The lead time for timber is increasing and the price is not known until it lands in the UK. The wood used must be knot free, leading to wastage.

Wood needs constant maintenance

It can be damaged by rot and mildew and is prone to being damaged on site. Woods needs to be sealed, varnished or painted and these treatments need regular renewal.

Wood is not colour stable.

Wood will discolour or bleach over time and leaching can occur that affects the fittings and adjoining materials.

Wood is not dimensionally stable

Wood swells, shrinks and changes weight.

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