Check out ' Freeform™' - powder coating designed by you

Powdertech launches its most innovative powder coating yet

Prepare to see your logo, or a pattern designed by you, or text of any style, reproduced in powder coating. We have just launched Freeform™, our latest powder coating that lets you do just that. We have a lot of fun designing our powder coatings, matching stone, or wood, or metal patination, and we decided that you should have some fun too. Design what ever you like and see that image transferred to sheets of metal, in powder coating, in any colour. 

Proven technology 

The technology behind Freeform is used in some of Powdertech’s ranges that have been around for the last 20 years but it was only recently that we discovered that we could use it in a way that adapts to any design. The powders are the same high performance architectural powders that we always use, with a wide range of colours. UV resistance and colour retention are excellent and of course, the finish offers high level protection against corrosion and abrasion. Our powders all comply with fire reaction standard for building A1-s2,d0. 

The beauty of Freeform is the ease and speed with which it can apply your unique design to lightweight aluminium for external architectural metalwork or for interior design. 

The new website page for  'Freeform' page is on its way. 

Contact us to find out more. See the links below. We look forward to discussing how Freeform  could work for your specific project. 



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