In orbit this month - Satellite - powder coating with vibrancy and depth

A fascinating range of Satellites have arrived on the scene, in the form of a unique Collection of finishes developed by Powdertech Corby Ltd.

These powder coatings offer mesmerising metallic and pearlescent effects with a depth of colour unrivalled in a one-coat application. The mid-sheen finish under natural light glows with vibrant flashes set in a rich colour,  so intense that it looks like a million satellites in the sky, hence the name. 

The impetus to develop this particular range came  from a casual conversation between Powdertech and Amron Architectural, one of the leading providers of creative metal mesh for architecture and interior design.

Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech, explains, “Amron mentioned the frustrations of anodic coatings and the difficulty in finding a powder coating that offers a similar depth of colour and iridescent effect to anodising. That set us thinking and the result was the Satellite range.”

Amron is delighted with the range and used it, pre-launch, on the profiled sheet walls of the company’s stand at the Surface Design Show in February. Using ‘Callisto’ from the Satellite range, the undulating surface of the profiled sheet was wonderfully enhanced as light bounced off the glittering finish.

Satellite finishes are suitable for internal and external application and can be applied to most metallic substrates. It is a range with excellent colour stability, corrosion resistantce and durability.  Developed by Powdertech Corby and availlable only from Powdertech Corby. 


The individual names are taken from the hundreds of man-made satellites that orbit the Earth, so we have plenty of options as the range expands.

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