Women in Construction Week Day 3

We are celebrating Women in Construction Week (March 6th – 12th 2022). At present women make up only 11% of the entire construction workforce (1% on site) which is a woefully small figure.  Powdertech Corby would like to help promote the construction sector, and all the industries under that wide umbrella, to women, as an exciting and rewarding occupation.  

Our second interview is with Annette, one of Powdertech's Production Operatives 

Hi Annette, had you worked in the construction industry before joining Powdertech?

No, never, I worked for Matalan, picking stock in the warehouse. The opportunity to do some work for Powdertech came up through the agency and I was offered a temporary role. I was surprised as I thought I would have needed specialist experience or qualifications but it was clear that Powdertech was happy to train me on the job. After a few months I was taken on as a permanent member of the team.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

All production floor tasks such as packing, jigging, pre-treatment. More recently I have begun training up on one of the main powder coating lines, as a sprayer in the booth.

What do you enjoy most about the work?

Right now, working in the spray booth, which is a great opportunity for me to become skilled at.

What skills have you improved?

Well, I joined Powdertech from a totally different industry, so I’ve learnt loads about metalwork and powder coating and all the technical elements surrounding pre-treatment and the chemicals we use.

What are the challenges around working in a male dominated environment?

I don’t personally feel that there are any here at Powdertech (that’s nice to know!).

Do you think women have equal opportunities in our industry?

On some occasions not, because of physical capabilities but I think this should depend on the individual and not be taken across the board for the entire gender. Ability should be based on what the individual can do whatever their gender. Having said that, this particular role can be heavy work and maybe it’s not for everyone – man or woman. Equal opportunities are improving and it’s becoming much more normal to see women working in the manufacturing and construction arenas.

What would you say to other women thinking about joining a career in manufacturing or construction?

Definitely ‘Go for it’, you have nothing to lose!

What other opportunities are you hoping for in the future?

I want to be the best I can be in my role at Powdertech. I am happy to say that I have nieces who are following roles that in the past had been less stereotypically associated with women than men, and I fully support them in breaking the mould.


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