Galvanizing is a reaction between zinc and a steel substrate. A layered structure of zinc forms on the steel, providing long-lasting corrosion protection, integral to the metal fabrication and lying beneath the final powder coated surface.

Galvanizing benefits

  • Galvanizing is specified for enhanced protection of mild steel for the external environment.
  • Powder coating further improves the protection (a duplex coating), with added aesthetic appeal.
  • Powdertech offer 25 year guarantees for powder coating on galvanized steel.
  • For efficiency in turnaround we use only one galvanizing partner, Premier Galvanizing Ltd.
  • We work closely with you ensure the design optimizes the corrosion protection and the powder coated finish. If the material requires alteration such as extra ventilation holes, we can put these in for you.

Galvanizing is governed by a single European Standard, EN ISO 1461. The European Powder Coating Standard BS EN13438 and ISO 15773 recognises that technical and logistical cooperation between the galvanizer and powder coater is key to a successful final coating.

Our partnership with Premier Galvanizing means that you are fully supported with all the technical information you need. For specific advice see Design Tips and download the data sheet. You are of course able to use your own galvanizer if you prefer.

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