Metal paint stripping services, five stages.

We operate our own paint stripping facility capable of removing polyester powder from most metals. Your material never leaves our premises. It is always under the control of Powdertech Corby.

Five-stage paint removal process based on methylene chloride

  • Old paint can be removed and material re-coated in a different colour.
  • Your expensive stocks of material can be refurbished or completely rebranded.
  • Any coating rejected at final inspection can be easily removed before reprocessing the material to the original specification, thereby improving customer service.
  • Paint, pre-treatment (conversion coatings ) and anodising can all be chemically removed. The base metal is restored close to its original condition.
  • The process does not involve heat and therefore there is no distortion.
Metal paint stripping services, five stages.
Metal paint stripping services, five stages.
  • In most cases chemical stripping will remove all of the paint.
  • Old, thick and ingrained paint can be softened by chemical stripping before completing the removal with a blasting process.
  • We use non-ferrous aluminium oxide bead blasting for aluminium and ferrous grit blasting (for steel) causing no damage to the underlying metal.  
  • See our shot blasting page.

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