Pre-treatment, chrome-free.

Pre-treatment is the most important stage in powder coating. The longevity and performance of the coating relies directly upon the integrity of the metal preparation.

Powdertech operates an immersion system for chrome-free metal pre-treatment processes for aluminium and galvanized steel.

  • Powdertech’s chemical pre treatment conforms to all current UK and European National Standards.
  • Material is fully submerged in a series of 9000 litre tanks containing:
    • cleaners to remove grease and oils surface etching agents to provide a key for powders
    • Silane/TiZi films to seal the surface and give a finish that is corrosion resistant even before powder coating.
Pre-treatment, chrome-free.
Pre-treatment, chrome-free.
  • 6-stage Titanium Zirconium (TiZi) technology process is used for aluminium
  • An 8-stage Silane process is used for galvanized steel.
  • The processes are separate within an 11-tank system.
  • .De-ionised water rinses separate each of the three critical stages
Stage Aluminium Galvanized steel
1 Acid etch cleaner Acid etch
2 Cold mains water rinse Cold mains water rinse
3 De-ionised water rinse Activator
4 Conversion coating
Cold mains water rinse
5 De-ionised water rinse De-ionised water rinse
6 De-ionised water rinse Conversion coating
7   De-ionised water rinse
8   De-ionised water rinse

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