Anomatch façade for a Corby cinema

It's a wrap!

Project Overview:

The aluminium cladding for Corby's new cinema complex has been anodised, with different shaded panels creating an attractive effect.  The flashings run around the top and bottom edges of the anodised panels and these needed to be consistent in shade in order to form a complementary border to the multicoloured panels. Due to their awkward shape it would be difficult to anodise these sections. More importantly, anodising would create a  variation in shade on different sections and this would spoil the overall effect.

The Solution:

Powdertech Anomatch achieves the same appearance as anodising, enhancing the metal with a lustrous sheen.  Furthermore it provides excellent colour stability and consistency between batches. An Anomatch shade was chosen to match the lighter of the anodised panel shades (anolok 543). This was applied to over 2000 linear metres of flashings, resulting in a border of consistent colour along the entire length of the building. 


  • Consistent colour shade between batches.
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion.
  • Cost savings as lower grade aluminium can be used, rather than the high grade needed for anodising.
  • Steel can be coated with Anomatch
  • Faster turnaround than anodising.
  • Sections can be drilled or cut without fracturing the coating.

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