Duplex coating for balconies in Dunstable

Beautiful balconies requiring minimal maintenance 

Client:           Adey Construction

Location:      Phoenix Park, Dunstable

Finish:           Valspar, Sherwin Williams, RAL 9005 Satin Black

Project Overview:

Phoenix Park is a new residential development in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, offering a range of two, three, four and five bedroom properties. Many of the apartments have ‘table-top’ balconies, constructed with galvanised steel for strength and longevity. The balconies are an attractive feature and need to remain looking smart with minimal maintenance.

One-stop Shop:

Galvanized steel needs a series of additional pre-treatments in order that the final coating can offer full protection for the metal from corrosion and abrasion. The client recognised the advantage of Powdertech Corby’s one-stop-shop service for galvanized mild steel, with galvanizing, fettling, pre-treatment and final coating all handled by us. We use a chrome-free 8-stage silane process with all processes separated in an 11-tank system. De-ionised water rinses separate each of the three critical stages. Our preparation process also includes specialist “degassing” before powder coating which forces out any moisture within the zinc layers which could cause pin-holing. This ensures that all surfaces are covered smoothly and evenly.

We worked closely with the client, ensuring  that their exacting standards were met at all times. In total 30 tonnes of steel, as balcony bases, balustrade and support posts were fully prepared and then powder coated in RAL 9005 satin black, a Valspar/Sherwin Williams powder.


  • Powdertech arranges and carries out all the processes necessary for galvanized steel – galvanizing, fettling, pre-treatment and coating. 
  • We arrange collection and delivery with a dedicated transport service
  • You can rely on our support and advice (we’ve been in the business for 26 years)
  • The high-quality finish will enable the metal to withstand all weather conditions, maintaining a smooth and attractive appearance.                                                   
  • The finish combines low maintenance with excellent protection and longevity.

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