Duplex coating perforated panels, Pembury Circus, Hackney, London

Project Overview:

Pembury Circus is a development of 268 new homes in Hackney and part of an on-going estate regeneration process. The scheme is Hackney's largest car-free development and offers community facilities including shops, a community centre and a nursery.  The design of the new apartments includes large balconies with galvanized steel bases and perforated balustrade panels. The balustrade panels are made from pre-galvanized mild steel and are part-punched, perforated and dished. Perforated pre-galvanised steel requires special preparation as the exposed steel inside the perforation is vulnerable to corrosion.

The balconies are an attractive feature and need to remain looking smart with minimal maintenance.

The Solution

Powdertech Corby recommended a 2-part pre-treatment system. Stage 1 chromate conversion of the zinc followed by stage 2, fully coating the balustrade panels both sides with an epoxy zinc-rich primer. This re-seals the exposed areas that had been 'revealed' part-way through the steel when the perforations were made. High performance powder coatings were then applied as a top coat, to the balustrade panels.

These powders have a durability in excess of twenty-five years.

Pembury Circus has been described as 'a place that offers a range of useful community facilities as well as high quality homes in a development that is legible, egalitarian and a joy to inhabit'.  It has been short listed for an award. Expert pre-treatment and powder coating will ensure that it remains an attractive and smart development over the years to come.


  • With over 28 years experience, Powdertech has the expertise to recognise when additional pre-treatment is necessary for ensuring full metal protection.
  • High quality architectural powder coatings provide excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion.
  • Powdertech's plant-flexibility is perfect for multi-coat finishes.


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