Pre-treatment free of chrome

Before the summer madness stories begin in the press I want to celebrate the success of the chrome-free pre-treatment system that we have here at Powdertech. Below is the text from our current e-flyer briefly outlining the provenance of the system, its effectiveness and its key role in our industries future.

The future is Chrome–free.

Metal preparation is the most important stage in powder coating.

Health and safety improvement and environmental responsibility was a key driver in the development of chrome-free pre-treatment systems to replace outdated chrome containing systems. In fact, Chrome VI (chrome-6 or hexavalent chrome) was highlighted as a substance of very high concern as far back as 2010.

There has been some concern about the effectiveness of chrome-free pre-treatment systems, however we can say with some confidence that these concerns are misplaced. Powdertech has used chrome-free pre-treatment systems for sixteen years with great success, and cutting-edge car makers have adopted chrome-free technology since 2001 to comply with end-of-life vehicle directives that effectively eliminate the use of chrome in car manufacture.

The recent completion of a new £0.5 million fully automated plant at Powdertech Corby for chrome-free oxsilan-based systems demonstrates our commitment to offering the best products with no compromise.

Chrome belongs to the past.


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