Schools out. We got 10 outof 10 from a pupil.

We were pleased to be asked to give a post-GCSE student some work experience and here's what Alex said. His words are not edited.

"I have just completed my week-long work experience at Powdertech. Powdertech was my first insight into a working environment and I believe it has taught me a lot. This week has emphasised the importance of preparation and team-work when tackling any task. It is now evident to me that making the necessary adjustments and planning a job, can save hours of vital time, which is critical when working in a fast-paced environment such as Powdertech. Throughout the week I have seen all aspects of the business, from testing samples and chemical concentrations in the tanks, to writing quotes for customers in the office. But the highlight of the week was on Thursday when we went to Hyde Park for the galvanising awards. Despite Powdertech not winning an award, it was amazing to see how architects and designers have used galvanised steel to produce inspirational pieces of art and structures. Yet despite having spent hours peeling off plastic film from aluminium, I have thoroughly enjoyed my week working at Powdertech. Thanks to everyone at Powdertech, who made my week a great experience."

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What would you like to do?